YMCA Leadership & Staff

Here at the Washington County Family YMCA, customer service is a top priority!  We believe that our members put the “Family” in the Washington County Family YMCA, and want to make sure you feel supported and loved while here.  Please feel free to ask any of our friendly and caring staff members should you need any assistance while here at your home away from home!

The Washington County Family YMCA would like to thank the following Board Members, YMCA Staff, volunteers and general members for their contributions in time and resources.

Board Members:

  • Beth Armstrong - President/CVOBoard 2018
  • Jason Wade - Vice President
  • Amy Bishop
  • Donna Brewster
  • Brad Gilbert
  • John Hayes
  • Wes Jones
  • Ava Kinney
  • Hannah Ledgerwood
  • Tony Mendizabal
  • Angie Motsinger
  • John Reed
  • Rusty Hudson  


kristy 2018

Chief Executive Officer - Kristy Purlee 
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Kristy Purlee, CEO of the Washington County Family YMCA began her Y career in 2012. Kristy is a Salem High School graduate and received her B.S. from Indiana University in Bloomington. She has a deep passion for family and her community. “I love being able to serve my community everyday through the efforts of the YMCA and the various volunteer organizations I am blessed to be a part of.”

Before she discovered the Y, she worked as a merchant in corporate retail for 8 years where she learned the importance of building strong relationships with vendor partners and tailoring products to fit her customer’s wants and needs.

Kristy now uses her past skills and current passion for her hometown community to create a comfortable and welcoming environment at the Y. The membership team she supervises strives to get to know our members on a personal level and encourage all to reach their goals.

According to her coworkers, Kristy is a caring, warm hearted mom and wife, who loves good coffee, glitter and snuggling puppies. Kristy strives to go above and beyond in all that she does for her community, family and the Lord. She loves spending her free time in the company of those who make her laugh and feel loved. Kristy loves her job and the position God has put her in at the Y to help others. 



Youth First Director - Chelsey Miller 
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Chelsey graduated from Ball State University with her BS in Child Development. Chelsey has worked with children ranging in age from 6 weeks to middle school students in many different capacities. Chelsey loves being able to get to know the children and families in the YMCA programs and serve them in a way that helps strengthen their families.

 According to her coworkers, Chelsey is fiercely devoted to her family consisting of one loving husband, one child and two dogs. She has a passion for helping change the lives of children. Chelsey remains positive and passionate about the job she does. Chelsey has been at the Y since 2017. 

Pre-School Director - Robin Deaton 
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Robin grew up in Salem and graduated from Salem High School in 1971. She married her high school sweetheart, Richard on September 3, 1971. They have two daughters, Angela Armstrong and Brooke Ingram and a son in law Dustin Ingram. They have four grandchildren; Parker, Mason, Nick, and Luke. 

Robin has been teaching preschool for 32 years and is certified in teaching Growing Kids Gods Way and is an instructor for Safe Sitter.  She was the youth director for Awareness Washington County for 4 years and Coordinator for the Washington County Teen Pageant for 5 years. 

Robin enjoys racing, swimming, sports, and spending time with her family. She loves teaching and making a difference in the lives of her students. 

Fitness & Wellness Coordinator - Kim Beard
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Kim has been at the YMCA since 2010. She loves the fitness world! She is a 48 year old mom to 4 wonderful children. Kim's oldest is 28 and youngest is 21. Kim loves having the opportunity to make a positive difference in peoples lives. She is always willing to help anyone who needs help with a jump start to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Kim is not only a fitness instructor, she also offers personal training, wellness consultations, Kim is ARC Lifeguard, CPR and AED Certified. 

According to her coworkers, Kim enjoys working with people. She loves challenging them to be the best person they can be. Kim loves watching the transformation of the person when they realize they can accomplish and have accomplished the goals they set together. 

Member Engagement & Marketing Director - Taylor Martin
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Hi, I am the new member engagement and marketing director for the Washington County Family YMCA. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor's in Public Relations this past May.  After college I prayed a lot for guidance on what to do next.  I feel that I was led to the Y to do meaningful work and have a positive impact on the community that I grew up in.  I love being part of the Y and seeing how they use their mission to put Christian principles into practice in the work they do for children and adults.  I am excited to be part of an organization whose core values are meant to care for every individual and make a positive impact on the lives of many.

According to her coworkers, Taylor is very artistic and talented. Taylor has brought a calm, peacefulness to the team. She is business like and does her job well. Taylor's smile is friendly and she has a heart of gold. We look forward to seeing her grow with the organization. Taylor has been at the Y since 2018. 

Administrative Manager - Debbie Rutherford

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According to her coworkers, Debbie is strong and loving. God made her a mother once, but she mothers all in her reach. Debbie's heart is huge - her love knows no stranger, person or animal. Debbie supports her family fiercely. At the Y, Debbie is like glue, keeping all of the pieces together. Debbie has been with the Y since 2015. 


Sports Coordinator - Kelsey  Dawson
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Kelsey, a Salem native, graduated from Hanover College in 2007, with a degree in Communication, where she played golf and softball. She got a Master’s Degree in Business Administration through the University of Phoenix. Kelsey has been in staffing, marketing, and human resources since graduation. Kelsey met her husband Brock, 13 years ago, at Hanover College and they have a 2 year old daughter, Gianna. 


Strengthening Washington County is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Kristy Purlee - CEO

Debbie Rutherford - Administrative Manager

Chelsey Miller - Youth First Director

Taylor Martin - Member Engagement & Marketing Director

Kim Beard - Wellness Coordinator

Kelsey Dawson - Sports Coordinator

Brant Parrish - IT

Brittney Hobbs - Front Desk

Shelby Lee - Front Desk

Evan Shelby - Front Desk

Griffin Temple - Front Desk

Caleb Couch - Front Desk

Andy Terrell - Front Desk

Hailey Marlman - Program Site Director

Chloe Davis - After School Program/Kid's Club/Preschool

Aubrey Eddings - After School Program/Kid's Club

Allie Chastain - After School 

Talon Ewing - After School 

Jolee Dean - Kid's Club

Khloe Mull - Kid's Club

Evan Motsinger - Martial Arts Instructor

Josh Tullis - Martial Arts Instructor

Eddie Lincks - Martial Arts Instructor

Kati Sparkman - Tumbling Instructor

Robin Deaton - Preschool Director

Linda Darkis - Preschool Teacher Assistant

Heather Cummins - Preschool Teacher Assistant

Helen Ledgerwood - Preschool Teacher Assistant

Chastity Anderson - Extended Day Preschool Teacher

Stephanie Taylor - Preschool Teacher BSE

Tammy Motsinger - Preschool Teacher WW

Karen Gay - Fitness Instructor

Lekisha Loveday - Fitness Instructor

Jessica Lloyd - Fitness Instructor

Carol Hickey - Fitness Instructor

Toni Williams - Fitness Instructor

Christi Samples - Fitness Instructor

Sandy Jackson - Fitness Instructor/Cleaning

Montana Wilson - Maintenance

Dallas Apple - Maintenance