YMCA Policies

Membership Privileges Include:

  • Opportunities to volunteer and participate in programs and committees
  • Recreational use of all facilities
  • Priority registration for all programs


Those unable to pay the full fee may receive sliding scale assistance through our scholarship program. Sliding scale assistance is based on monthly income and expenses and on the ability of the YMCA to fund the subsidy. Applications for assistance are available here and at the front desk. All information is confidential.

Liability Disclaimer Notice:

Members, guests and visitors expressly assume the risk of damage or harm to person or property. Accordingly, neither the YMCA nor any of its agents, employees, servants, or invitees shall be liable to the person or any of the person's family, agents, employees, servants or invitees for any damage to persons or property when and to the extent that any such damage or injury may be cause, either proximately or remotely, wholly or in part, by any act or omission, whether negligent or not, of the YMCA or any of its agents, employees, servants, or invitees or due to the condition or design or any defect in the building, its mechanical systems, or its equipment.

Cell Phone Policy:

  • Cell phone use in the locker room is prohibited. Please turn off your cell phone when in the locker rooms.
  • Cell phone, camera or video camera use is strictly forbidden in the locker rooms.
  • Cell Phone/Video Taping: For the safety and security of our members and guests, any and all video/photo equipment may not be used in locker rooms, dressing areas, shower areas, restrooms, or other areas generally deemed to be “private” within the YMCA facilities. No photograph or video is allowed on YMCA property or in YMCA programs without permission from the YMCA.

Talking on Cell Phones:

  • Talking on cell phones is restricted to offices, conference rooms, hallways, and lobby areas.
  • Talking on cell phones is not allowed in locker rooms, bathrooms or any program space including but not limited to: early childhood centers, schools out sites, the gymnasium, multipurpose rooms, enrichment rooms, wellness center and all work out areas.

Audio, Camera and Video Recording Devices Policy

The use of audio, camera and video recording devices is prohibited in all YMCA facilities owned or leased unless there is implied authorization. Implied authorization is when a person is taking a picture, using an audio device or taking video of a member of their family, family friends or others from whom prior permission has been obtained while participating in a YMCA activity or event such as swim meets, basketball games, family events, graduation ceremonies, classes and the like. YMCA staff reserve the right to ask members or guests, who they are taking pictures of or recording during programs or activities to determine if there is implied authorization.

YMCA staff or authorized designees of the YMCA when given authorization shall be allowed to use cameras or video recording devices to create promotional, educational or advertising content. To communicate with members and the general public, signage will be posted when this occurs and written authorizations will be required in special cases when a person is going to be the focus of a marketing piece.


YMCA staff will enforce the above policy. A violation by a Member, Program Participant or Guest may result in a warning, suspension or termination of YMCA privileges.

Smoking Policy Statement:

This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product, including electronic cigarettes and the use of smokeless (or spit) tobacco.

To protect and enhance our air quality and to contribute to the health and well-being of all guests, members, and employees the Washington County Family YMCA shall be entirely smoke free. The use of all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco, is banned from the YMCA campus except as designated in this policy. This shall include all areas in and around shared property including the Community Learning Center and the Senior Center.

Smoking is prohibited in all of the enclosed areas, without exception. This includes common work areas, classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, restrooms, and recreational spaces. In addition, smoking is prohibited on all YMCA grounds including, but not limited to, outdoor pavilion, parking lot, athletic fields, and other green space on the property.

Smoking will be allowed in designated smoking areas outside the building, at least 15 feet from any entrance, exit or ventilation system. This area is located behind the Senior Center on the Northwest corner of the property. The area shall be marked with signage. All materials used for smoking, including cigarette butts and matches, will be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate receptacles provided.

Wellness Center Rules:

Please help us maintain a safe and family friendly environment for all YMCA Members and Guests. We demonstrate caring, honesty, respect, responsibility by following these polices:

• Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the wellness center. Children 12 – 15 must be supervised by an adult unless approved by Y staff.
• Return equipment to its proper place at the end of your workout.
• Do not drop weights.
• Profanity or vulgarity is prohibited.
• Appropriate attire required: work out shorts or pants, athletic tops covering mid-section, T-shirts with appropriate logos, closed-toe athletic shoes (no sandals or open toe shoes).
• Wipe off machines after use. Towels and disinfectant spray are provided.
• Limit time on all cardio equipment to thirty minutes during peak times or when others are waiting.
• Store personal items including gym bags, purses, extra clothing, etc. in the locker rooms. Jackets should be hung on hooks.
• The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
• Report violations of the rules or damaged equipment to the YMCA staff.
• Failure to abide by these polices may result in a terminations of membership. 

Kid's Club: 

Come work out at the YMCA and bring your children with you! While you are exercising your body your children will be exercising their minds by participating in fun, creative, and educational activities. This service is free to Members (must be dependent children included on Family Membership) and $5 per child per visit to all non-members.

Staff are not permitted to diaper or assist children in the restroom. Parents must be in the building during Kid’s Club utilization in case a need arises for your child. Parents must remain on YMCA property while their children are participating in Kid's Club.


Community Guidelines:

The Y’s social media, blogs, and forums are for anyone who believes in the cause of the Y.  Feel free to share your Y stories, tips and ideas and participate in our online community.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about the Washington County Family  YMCA we will do our best to connect you with that Y to resolve and we may reach out to you directly regarding your comments.  For expedient assistance, contact us directly to submit feedback us.

General Guidelines

We want to hear from you on social media, our blogs, and our forums but have a few things that we do not allow:

  • Posts that contain, discuss or promote:
    • abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language
    • personal attacks of any kind
    • illegal activity
    • political campaigns
    • religious issues
    • legal or employment issues
    • posting of premium content from any website
    • fake news or any content intended to mislead
  • Conversations that negatively target specific individuals, groups, or organizations
  • Posts that are spam, solicitations or advertisements
  • Contest and voting campaign posts that are not authorized by Y-USA
  • Any profile icon or name related to commercial content that promotes another business, website, specialty page other than a Y or those approved by Y-USA
  • Personally identifiable information (like phone numbers or email addresses), private or sensitive details about another person
  • Material or information that you don’t have the right to post or share

Differences of opinion are welcome as long as they are respectful.  Be courteous and respect those asking questions with friendly, informative discussions.  If it’s not, it will be deleted.  Posters will be permanently banned immediately for a serious, willful, and/or repeated violation of any of these rules.

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