Preschool is more than a place where kids learn their numbers and ABC’s. Our teachers work closely with all Washington County School Corporations to ensure that lesson plans meet the requirements for the Kindergarten School Readiness Checklists! Let our experienced, caring and nurturing teachers help make a difference in your child’s life.

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The Washington County Family YMCA Preschool is a Registered Ministry.

Updated 7-20-2020

The Y is working diligently with safety as our guide in order to provide a healthy environment in all of our child-serving programs. We have been working with internal experts, as well as local and state officials to address issues related to social distancing, sanitizing requirements and wellness checks for staff and participants. Please keep in mind, these guidelines are subject to change based on new information or additional guidance from health officials.

Preschool: What you can expect


  • Daily wellness screenings, including temperature checks at check-in and throughout the day, for staff and participants. Children or staff with a fever or symptoms of illness will not be permitted to stay.
  • Each child is required to have a face covering to assist in prevention of disease spread
  • If your child has experienced flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, please keep them home.
  • Social and cohort (group) distancing implemented to the extent possible.
  • Significantly increased attention to hygiene practices, including more frequent hand washing.
  • Routine cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces, high traffic areas, and touch points throughout the day.
  • Staff will be required to wear appropriate face covering. Staff are required to wear gloves while assisting during lunch and snack and cleaning/sanitizing.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations will be added throughout sites.
  • Children who develop a fever or symptoms of illness will be isolated and a parent/guardian will be contacted for immediate pick-up. Cleaning protocols will be immediately implemented in any area the child was in.
  • Parents/Guardians should social distance during pick up and drop off. 


  • In classrooms located within a school, the school procedures will be followed.
  • Enhanced, deep cleaning of the facility will occur nightly.
  • Touch points will be sanitized along the travel route after each transition.
  • No toys or blankets from home will be permitted.
  • Children’s items such as extra clothing must be sealed in a re-sealable bag and brought to school each day in the child’s backpack.
  • All classrooms will be equipped for hand washing/hand sanitizing. Where sinks are available, we will use hand washing.


  • Teach and encourage good handwashing practices. Frequent hand-washing breaks will be built into the daily schedule.
  • Games and activities will be limited to those that promote social distancing.
  • Toys, once used, will be sanitized before being placed back into rotation. Only toys that can be disinfected will be permitted. Machine washable toys may not be used at any time.
  • No program-wide events or field trips will be held.


  • Encourage and teach, in an age-appropriate way, social distancing best practices for preschoolers.
  • Children will remain in the same group all day, without interaction with other groups.
  • Rooms and activities, such as nap time and meals, will be set-up to promote social distancing.
  • Access to the facility will be limited to authorized staff and officials. No visitors or volunteers will be permitted. Necessary visitors will be required to follow all YMCA health and safety procedures.
  • Face coverings will be incorporated into daily routines as appropriate.
  • We will continue to follow guidance from government and health officials to evaluate and update guidelines as needed.